Revenge Episode 16 Recap: What Really Happened That Night on the Beach?

This week's Revenge may have been titled "Scandal", but it was actually about karma and getting what's coming to you.  Almost two decades ago, Conrad was watching the news of the destroyed Flight 197.  When Victoria asked him what was wrong, he told her that he had laundered money for the men responsible for taking down the flight.  Now he faced financial ruin and a prison term.  With his wife's help, Conrad escaped any culpability for his actions by placing the blame squarely on David Clarke's shoulders.

But Conrad's choice, and his refusal to accept responsibility for his crime, set in motion a sequence of events that directly and indirectly led his son, Daniel, to be on the beach that night with Tyler.  Now Daniel is in prison, standing trial for a crime he didn't commit.  Or did he?  Revenge showed us exactly what happened on the beach during the engagement party and the truth didn't disappoint.  But since that reveal didn't come until the final minutes of the episode, it's only fair we recap the rest of the episode first. Read More...


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