Survivor Review: Confidence Will Kill You

The big story from this week’s episode of Survivor: One World could be one of three stories.  First, Matt’s arrogant and ultimately misinformed demeanor.  Second, the men’s 2004 Yankees-like collapse to the women at the immunity challenge.  Third, the brutal weather.

Some reviews might only cover one or two.  Here at TV Fanatic we bring you everything and more.  We’re covering everything.

We’re not, however, going to bury the lead; Matt going home.  Frankly, it was awesome.  Sure the guy might be sexy and know it (he works out) but he’s also a jerk.  He’ll tell you he doesn’t care, but I’ll be most of the women’s tribe ultimately would not have been attracted to him.  What does he have left going for him? Read More...


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