Criminal Minds Review: "A Family Affair"

Thanks, Criminal Minds, for making us all suddenly feel like our own families aren't nearly as dysfunctional as we'd previously thought. If you can watch this week's episode without thanking your lucky stars that those people weren't your relatives, well…then remind me to never come over to your house for dinner.  

Despite the fact that "A Family Affair" once again revealed to us who the UnSub was very early in the game, for some reason it still felt more interesting than in past weeks. We did get the intrigue of not knowing how Jeffrey became paralyzed (at first I almost thought it was a combat-related injury and he was a veteran - that'll teach me to guess), and we also didn't know his mom covered for his dad in their accident. By the looks of her, I'd have guessed that Mommy Dearest was the one to screw things up, she was one tough cookie - and not in a good way. Read More...


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