'GCB's' Leslie Bibb: 'I feel like chum in shark-infested waters'


"GCB" is the latest dramedy from ABC. It stars Leslie Bibb as Amanda Vaughn, the head Mean Girl in her Dallas high school who has now returned to her hometown in the wake of a personal tragedy, only to find that the girls she was mean to in high school are not quick to welcome her home. We've seen the pilot and we absolutely adored it, which star Bibb was delighted to hear when we interviewed her."I know it sounds goofy and I shouldn't care what people think. But I do on this one, I really do," says Bibb. "I love this show, I'm so proud of it. I hate having expectations on it, I try not to, but I really love this show. I really sunk my heart and soul into this one and I'm really proud of it. I hope America likes it."When Amanda does return to Dallas, she is not exactly flush...



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