'Awake' review: Jason Isaacs delivers the perfect collision of procedure and heart


"Awake" is a show that is difficult to describe in a 21-second TV spot, so it comes as little surprise that the promo ads we've seen on NBC don't do justice to the refreshing, original premise. "Harry Potter" star Jason Isaacs steps seamlessly into the role of Michael Britten, a homicide detective who survived a horrific car wreck that killed his wife or his son. Yes, his wife or his son. In one world, Isaacs and his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) bury their son, Rex (Dylan Minnette). Then, Isaacs goes to sleep, and wakes up in a world in which he and Rex attend Hannah's funeral. He sustains this dual reality on a day-to-day basis, wearing a rubber band on his wrist to let him know which world he's in -- red, for Hannah, green, for Rex. Similarly, the show uses warm and cool colors, respectively, to help the audience understand which "world" he's in....



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