American Idol Recap: Six-Hour Week

Tonight we hear the top twelve girls on American Idol, a show that can, in Ryan Seacrest’s words, "take a high school kid and turn him into a platinum-selling recording artist." After a couple of seconds of silence, he adds: "That’s Scotty McCreery I’m talking about." And then the crowd collectively goes "RIGHT! Yes. Him. Whooo!" Clearly, the stakes are high. Let’s dive right in.

Chelsea Sorrell goes first, and does an interview package in which she cruelly and relentlessly disses her hometown. She passes a Bi-Rite grocery and says, "They don’t even know how to SPELL in my town." (They apparently also don’t know which stores are part of nationwide chains.) She steps off the airplane to Hollywood and yells: "I’m in Hollywood and I’m never goin’ home!" Except yes she is, because her take on Carrie Underwood’s "Cowboy Casanova" is forgettable. Here’s how not great she was: Randy Jackson judges her! The judges agree that she didn’t stake enough of her own territory, and they’re right. They also agree that it sucks to go first, but I don’t know — Reed Grimm seemed pretty psyched about it last night. (In fairness, Reed Grimm seems pretty psyched about everything.) Read More...


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