Josh Peck: Nude Scenes Scared Me

Many women may wanna see Josh Peck nude. But the actor was hesitant to step into his birthday suit for The Wackness.

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Default avatar cat
Jul 6, 2008 1:55AM EDT

By "Many women may wanna see Josh Peck nude," are you talking about the 11 year olds who watch him on Nickelodeon? From what I can see, the guy is ugly as all hell and should be happy to be doing sex scenes in movies. Olivia Thirlby isn't exactly hot, but who the hell whines about doing sex scenes? Get naked, pretend to hump a girl and STFU because no one is making you do it in real life you flaming homo.

Oct 22, 2008 10:03PM EDT

I use to baby sit those 11 year old girls that watched his show and I thought to myself that if that kid lost weight, he would be hot as hell. What throws you off? The deep blue eyes with the back drop of jet black hair, or is it the smile with perfectly straight teeth?
I don't know too many people that are willing to stand stark naked in front of an entire set crew and then be directed on how to have sex; which might end up looking retarded on camera and then be immortalized in a movie for all of time. It's one thing to look like a reject once, but then to have that moment in a form that it could be replayed a million times?
And not wanting to be naked or have sex, even pretend sex, in public doesn't make someone a "flaming homo"

Default avatar cat
Apr 20, 2010 9:08AM EDT

watch her HQ nude here

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