Alcatraz “The Ames Bros./Sunny Burnett” Review

After last week’s episode was bogarted by the Daytona 500, Alcatraz returned this week with a double feature! Even though FOX marketed tonight’s installments as a two-hour event, both "The Ames Bros." and "Sunny Burnett" felt like very different episodes.

"The Ames Brothers" was our first case that actually involved two escaped inmates, and in this case they were, obviously, brothers. At first it looked like Pinky and Herman were going to do the whole "Strong and silent/small and loud" odd couple deal, but then it turned out that Pinky was just the strong one and Herman was just annoying. Although they may not have been the most dynamic duo, I did appreciate how incredibly violent they were. Not only did we see Pinky beat some poor guy to death with some bolt cutters, but then back in the 1960s we saw one of the most violent scenes we’ve ever seen on this show. Some dude got his freaking pinky cut off by a meat slicer! I didn’t know you could show blood splattering on somebody’s face like that on network TV! That was intense! Read More... 


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