American Idol Review: It's The Final Countdown

Let's quickly clarify how this is going to work: America has voted through five girls and five guys. Six contestants will be asked to sing again, and from those six, the judges will choose three.

Got it? On to the finalists!

We're focusing on the guys first. Chase Likens, Jeremy Rosado and Phillip Phillips are called to center stage.

Except instead of telling us which of them is going on and which of them is going home, we get commentary from Jimmy Iovine. Who sounds like he's hocking "As Seen On TV" products. He wants to sign Phillip immediately. Smart man, Jimmy.

Jeremy's the first to be eliminated. Chase is also NOT sticking around. Phillip Phillips is our first guy to the Top 10. And my 15 year old self squealed a little in excitement. Read More...


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