The Office Recap: Triforce

Toby Flenderson portrayer and Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein gave an interview with Vulture this week that laid out plans for the rest of the season. It’s a great read — unless you’re not the spoiler type — and it’s a nice reassurance that the people behind this show have a plan in mind, even if it feels like they didn’t get around to doing more than just keeping their heads above water on an episode-by-episode basis until deep into the current run of episodes.

Viewed in terms of the overall arc, "Test the Store" was a funny enough but slight installment that mainly served to further move Nellie Bertram and Dwight into position for the power struggle that will occupy the rest of the season. But if piece moving was the primary goal of this episode, there was also some needed shading added to Nellie. We learned of her hardscrabble, loamlike roots, her cockney accent and humiliating Spice Girls audition. We also got to see parts of Nellie beyond self-involvement and vanity this episode. Turns out she can also do uptight (especially when her employs don’t use their ridiculous triangle phones) and even joyful; so happy was she that the Sabre Store launch went okay that she didn’t seem bothered by newly minted Vice-President Schrute’s multiple air punches to the gut. Read More...


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