30 Rock Recap: Frank & Liz & Lynn & Sylvia

Last night’s episode began with Frank’s overbearing Italian mother calling Liz a whore, then kissing her on the mouth and offering (threatening?) to defrost an ox for her. It was a promising start, and the show didn’t underdeliver, exactly, but this is probably not the episode you’d screen to win over new fans.

Frank still lives with his mom, Sylvia, who’s played by Patti LuPone. But for the past year, he’s been in a secret romance with Lynn, the teacher who seduced him as a kid. Sylvia hates Lynn for reasons no one can remember, or maybe because Lynn is a child molester. (Lynn: "We prefer the term adultophobe.") So when she finds a letter signed "L" in Frank’s pornography collection, Frank lies and tells her the "L" stands for Liz. Read More...



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