Saturday Night Live Recap: The Lohan of It All

Lindsay Lohan had a lot riding on her return to Saturday Night Live last night. (As Vulture's own Amanda Dobbins chronicled on Friday, the gig was her latest professional "last chance" in a long series of them.) Unfortunately, if the purpose of her appearance was to prove that she had returned to Mean Girls form, it wasn't a total success. Lohan stumbled over her lines — no more than, say, a Robert De Niro or other sleepwalking host would do — and with her appearance coming on the heels of an especially strong hosting debut by Maya Rudolph, the drop-off in quality was obvious. Did Lohan get through it without falling over or vomiting on herself? Sure. Will fans be clamoring for her return? I'm not certain she HAS that many fans anymore. Here were the episode's highs and lows. Read More...


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