'Once Upon a Time': Mr. Gold's therapy, Evil Queen's mommy issues and Ariel in Season 2?


We just got a chance to speak with the producers and the cast of "Once Upon a Time" at the Paley Fest in Los Angeles, and we got some interesting information for you. Not only is the Wonderland episode going to blow your minds, but the finale is going to have a twist that no one will see coming. We also find out why Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) is in therapy with Archie (Raphael Sbarge)."Something happens that pushes him towards it," Carlyle says. "He has to talk to someone about what's in his mind. When Raph and I spoke about it we said, 'of course!' He doesn't have anyone else. There is nobody he can talk to. It's a wonderful opportunity for these two characters to meet."He continues, "He tells him stuff that he wouldn't tell anyone else and halfway through, he realizes who he's talking to and he's very threatening to him at the...



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