'Once Upon a Time': Sad sad Leroy, town drunk


What a charming love story on "Once Upon a Time" this week.Fairytale LandThis week we find out that dwarves are hatched from eggs and can't love or have lives, but Grumpy (who was born "Dreamy") got sprinkled with some fairy dust before he hatched and it made him fall in love with Nova, the fairy who accidentally sprinkled him. She's a klutzy fairy who dreams of being a Fairy Godmother. They make plans to run away together, but the blue fairy tells him he's not in love with Nova and he has to let her become a great fairy.Dreamy meets up with Nova, but he breaks her heart and goes back to the mines, where he breaks his "Dreamy" ax and gets a new one, which calls him "Grumpy."StorybrookeIn Maine, Grumpy is Leroy the town drunk. He meets Sister Astrid, the Storybrooke counterpart to Nova, and is instantly charmed and smitten by her sweet nature...



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