'G.C.B.' premiere: What did you think of the good Christian women of Dallas?


"G.C.B" premiered Sunday night (March 4) on ABC. It tells the story of Amanda Vaughn, who moves back to her mother's Dallas home when her husband is embroiled in a Ponzi scheme scandal and runs his car off a cliff while in flagrante delicto. But it's not old home week in the 'burbs for Amanda. All the girls she was mean to in high school still live there and now they rule the roost. They may be nice to her face, but they sure aren't making it easy for her - the real estate agent won't show her anything good, the pious one "prays" for her in front of a church full of people, the husband of one of the women comes on to her at his car dealership. As star Leslie Bibb tells Zap2it, she has a lot of fires to put out. So what did you think of the premiere? We found ourselves...



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