Desperate Housewives 8.15 "She Needs Me" Recap

I was taken by surprise when at of tonight’s episode, the announcement over the preview declared that there were only 6 new episodes remaining before the big series finale. Sure, I’m no stranger to knowing how the television hiatus schedule works but 6 episodes to tie up the rest of the series? I suppose it’s time to give Desperate Housewives a deserving kudos because right now, there’s so much going on that I have no idea how mysteries and storylines are going to be wrapped up in such a short amount of time.

At the Scavo household, Lynette and Tom express their concerns over Porter’s decision to raise Julie’s baby. Ever the optimist, Porter tells them that he got a job as a waiter at one of the local restaurants. The downside? It doesn’t provide childcare. Naturally, he asks his loving parents for help but they don’t exactly budge (even after Porter tries to butter them up by saying he’s going to name the baby after Lynette.) At the Solis household, meanwhile, Roy is still crashing with Gabrielle. With Carlos finally on his way home from rehab, however, Gabrielle is finally tired of sharing her house and just wants him back with Karen.

As for Bree – she’s just really irresistible, isn’t she? First Chuck got upset when she refused his engagement, and now vengeance obsessed Orson is doing anything and everything he can to extract his revenge from when she broke his heart. He shows her pictures of his cottage in Maine, trying to get her to agree to move there and almost slips up when he mentions knowing about the second letter, which Bree knows she hasn’t told him about. He manages to save himself by turning the conversation into how her friends can’t be trusted.  Read More...


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