Eastbound & Down Recap: Does Shane Know?

After last week's Ashley Schaeffer geisha-themed red-herring plotline — which restored Kenny and Stevie's friendship — we find Kenny Powers and his Myrtle associates self-medicating in a variety of ways in order to deal with their own cultural irrelevance and/or mortality. More important, we finally find out the name of that blonde coed Kenny's having sex with; it is Andrea. Not AN-dree-uh, but an-DRAY-uh.

Stevie, newly arrived to Myrtle Beach with wife Maria, is psyched to be hanging with Kenny again until Shane emerges from the crest of a wave. After a flurry of Top Gun references, Kenny introduces Shane as his "best friend." Stevie clearly has problems with this. Wasting no time, Kenny puts Stevie and Maria to work turning his dojo into a childproof baby room for Toby and show them to their sleeping quarters ("My computer research lab," says Kenny, which consists of a beat-up mid-nineties desktop PC). At Maria's urging, Stevie reads a list of new relationship "rules" for Kenny that includes something about "mutual respect" (yeah, okay) and ends with "and party! Like! The fuck!" (probably). Baby Toby frolics on the sofa. In the background, two huge-titted women suck on a double-edged dildo. Read More...



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