The Walking Dead Recap: Skip and Dale

Last night’s Walking Dead did something that it’s been shying away from for this entire season: It killed off a main character. A distraught Dale went for a stroll in an empty field in the dead of night and got gutted by a zombie. Because under normal paranormal circumstances, that’s the sort of thing that happens when you do that.

Of course, that didn’t happen until three minutes until the end. The previous 40 minutes were some of what had to be some of the most filler-est filler we’ve seen yet. And I am aware that what I am calling filler, the show is calling the gradual and necessary progression of tension between the impulse to be a compassionate human or a savage animal. I know that if I were to meet the Walking Dead at a party, it would explain to me that those first 40 minutes were necessary in order for us to feel the true weight of Dale's, the show’s last moral holdout, death at the very tippy toe end of the show. I get it, okay? But at the same time, watching it felt like listening to your 2-year-old explain their day. They say "Elmo. Ears. Push!!!!" and you translate it into, "I had a lovely time on the swing shaped like Elmo’s head today." It felt like I was automatically filling in the holes based on superior versions of this story line that I have seen elsewhere before. Just because I am already aware of the existence of complicated ideas doesn’t mean that the show doesn’t have to still try to convey them in a complicated way. Read More...


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