The Real Housewives of Atlanta 4.15 Review: Ladies Who Lunch...and Fight

The Real Housewives of Atlanta had barely touched down from their 10 day excursion to Africa before the drama began once again. You'd think there'd be a little jet lag or desire to recharge from nearly two weeks away, but things like energy and over 10 hour flights don't stop any seasoned veteran of reality TV, as evidenced by last night's episode.

Things built toward a lunch at Kim's house where the comments that Kandi and Cynthia made during a safari were addressed. You knew that something like this wouldn't be swept under the rug, particularly after Sheree's phone call in the last episode, and it didn't disappoint, as things got loud in a hurry and no real conclusions were arrived at. I figured that, in hopes of keeping her friendship with Kim alive, Kandi would back away and cop to what she said, but surprisingly, she held tight. But instead of going unabashedly messy with it and being all "yeah, I said that - and what?", Kandi tried to get off on a technicality, in that Sheree didn't phrase things properly. But like...even knowing the full story, what Kandi said was awful and in no way deserved to be defended. She may not have explicitly stated that she didn't think Kim would hold a black baby, but the footage of what she said strongly indicates racial undertones (she mentions the visual of Kim and a baby, then trails off like "if you get what I mean"). Read More...


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