'The Bachelor: Women Tell All': Courtney laments 'nobody gives you a manual on how to be on 'The Bachelor'


Courtney Robertson got her own segment during "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" reunion special. The gathered women did not speak any more highly of her now that they've been removed from the taping process of the show than they were during filming.When Courtney finally comes out, some of the audience members actually cheer for her, which to me means that the same production assistants who attached a fish to her fishing rod on that one group date are there jabbing audience members with hot pokers.Courtney starts off by talking about how terrified she is and regrets she has and that the women are totally fair to be mad at her - Kacie rolls her eyes, as do I at home. You don't just get to be a horrible person all season and then cry a little and apologize and have us think you are one bit sincere or nice. If you were sincere or nice,...



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