Basketball Wives Season 4: Apple Pie Face

Is it weird to say that tonight's episode of Basketball Wives was focused? After a premiere that bounced around to 100 different get togethers and a second episode that followed Suzie on her path of destruction, the third episode of season 4 seemed downright quaint in comparison. There were no major takedowns or public screaming matches, nor did we get that much gossip behind so-and-so's back, at least compared to previous episodes.

Instead of all that, Basketball Wives did what it said it'd do at the end of last season and focused on something other than who hates who. Mainly, the episode focused on newbie Kenya and her bid to not be a hot mess, which ended up falling flat. Y'all, Kenya's a mess and I'm not even talking about her appearance, which, for a fledgling singer, could stand to be a bit more polished. No, Kenya's a mess because she's ill-prepared and seems to have no idea how to interact with people. The little jab at Kesha during her "victory speech" was so unnecessary and sounded like bitter, bitter gloating; all that was missing was a damn touchdown dance at the end. And she didn't get why Kesha was upset, even after Evelyn and Tami, of all people, explained that maybe it wasn't the time nor the place to bring that up. Kenya has the self-awareness of a dish towel if that didn't sink in or she's just got it out for Kesha and is playing dumb, because it's not that hard to see why her comment got the response it did. Read More...


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