Being Human Review: It's Human Nature

Ugh. "I've Got You Under Your Skin" forced me to suffer through Suren. At the very least she was frightened of her mother's return to Boston, so she wasn't acting as high and mighty as she was in previous episodes. Aidan, Josh and Sally were all very busy living their separate lives this week, but I was okay with it, because their stories were compelling enough to hold my interest.

Aaaaoooo werewolves of Boston. It appears my guess that last week might have been Nora's last hurrah could have been true. She and Josh broke up and there were no signs of reconciliation. His sister even brought Julia back into the picture. I'm really not sure how I feel about that. Once we met wereNora, we saw a whole new dark, sexy side of her. That could have lead to a lot of story for her and Josh, but if Josh is meant to be the lighthearted of the three roommates, I guess taking him in that direction wouldn't fit with the overall tone of the show.

So we're left with Julia and Josh nursing a wasted Emma. Remembering old times, they each shared secrets they should never have said out loud. They're heading to one of those places where if you dare go after a bad breakup you'd better be prepared to be all in or hurt even worse than the first time. Josh finally admitted he wouldn't revisit a future with Julia, but they were sweet together and I wasn't as outraged about it as I expected so soon after Nora. Read More...


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