The Voice Episode Recap: The Battle Rounds Begin! Which One Almost Killed Christina?

Say it with me now, the blind auditions are ov-ah! It's time for the 48 contestants to go head-to-head with their teammates in the battle rounds. As Adam Levine so perfectly summarizes it, this is when the singers have to harmonize well together, but also totally beat down their competition vocally. So, let the games begin!

Tony Lucca vs. Chris Cauley: "Beautiful Day"
Tony gets to open the song, but his voice sounds soft in certain parts where it needs to be much stronger, and his pronunciation is a little garbled. After Chris' so-so first solo, Tony gets in some powerful screams, but Chris adds a little more style and inflection to his parts. The two harmonize well together near the end of the song, and Tony's voice comes off...


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