Parks and Recreation “Lucky” Review

This was the final episode of Parks and Recreation until the show comes back on April 19th. While "Lucky" didn’t send us off with a cliffhanger or really feel like it was an episode leading us to hiatus, it was still a damn funny episode.

Anytime Leslie (Amy Poehler) is drunk we know that there will be a good episode coming our way. But during "Lucky", a drunk Leslie was attempting to be sober, which was just hysterical. The funniest part about the entire thing was that she actually managed to pull it off! Major points to Leslie.

"Lucky" takes place over one night in Pawnee, and the episode was written by none other than Ron Swanson himself: Nick Offerman. And Offerman did a great job. "Lucky" was a classic episode of Parks and Rec with three separate story lines that played out in harmony with each other. There were also small, subtle nods to the shows more die-hard fans, like Ron’s "Tiger Woods" outfit, which just made me laugh. Read More... 


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