The Big Bang Theory “The Weekend Vortex” Review

There comes a point in the natural evolution of any circle of friends where so much has changed that the past starts to look a whole lot better than it actually was. For Leonard and company, the glory days might be gone, but in "The Weekend Vortex," this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, the boys try to pull off a classic gaming marathon…only to find that things have simply changed too much. After all, Sheldon Cooper has a girlfriend now. And she wants him to do stuff with her. Who would have thought?

Once again, Sheldon’s notorious agreements come back to haunt him; this time he’s promised to take Amy to a family function which happens to fall on the weekend Raj proposes a Star Wars online game fest. For Sheldon, it’s not much of a choice. He has no concept of compromise and he definitely doesn’t possess the ability to gracefully sacrifice either his time or his energy for someone else. Amy sees that when he gladly takes up her reluctant offer to choose the guys over her aunt’s birthday party, and though she’s very hurt, she’s not quite hurt enough to stand up for herself without Penny’s help. Read More... 


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