The Office “Last Day In Florida” Review

I had been eagerly anticipating Dwight’s debut as the Vice President of the newest Sabre retail department on The Office. "Last Day In Florida" gave us a little taste of what an obnoxious jerk he could be, but Dwight’s reign as VP was disappointingly short lived. Although Dwight and Nellie made an incredibly irritating team of corporate partners, I would have liked to see Dwight’s vice presidency last just a little longer.

As a personal friend of Jo Bennett, Nellie was safe from any fallout related to the failure of the poorly conceived Sabre retail store. Maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be some kind of very subtle manipulation in the way Robert California explained his plan to Jim on the golf course. It was almost as if Robert wanted Jim to intervene and get Dwight out of his line of fire.

As Nellie and Packer’s presentation began without Dwight, Robert appeared to have a pleased look on his face. Knowing full well that Dwight had originally been appointed to the role of Vice President, Robert took a certain amount of pleasure in letting Packer, a man he barely knew, take the fall for the company. I’d almost say that Robert had this whole scheme planned out ahead of time. Or, maybe he’s just a heartless CEO who would have considered either Packer or Dwight to be nothing more than collateral damage in the corporate process. Read More... 


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