The Bachelor Recap: Isn’t Courtney Beautiful When She Cries?

There was a time, my friends, when Bachelor fans would actually look forward to the Women Tell All special, back when it was just a relatively jam-packed hour, and didn't include a fifteen-minute in-show advertisement for its trashy cousin, Bachelor Pad. Viewers of last night's special were right to feel cheated by the stretched-out show, which was all about Courtney but showed us almost nothing about her we didn't already know — except possibly a hint that she and Ben are not together. Here are the highlights:

Chris Harrison excitedly announces, "In what is probably a first for this show, one of the final two will be here. Courtney will be here tonight to defend herself." The crowd, seemingly not puzzled by Harrison's inability to research his own show, titters with glee. "I love Courtney," one audience member is seen mouthing to another. They are more excited about Courtney than Ben, because, even though we won't see Courtney for the length of an entire motion picture, this is still her show.  Read More...


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