'Jersey Shore' sneak peek: J-WOWW smells a sneak

In a new sneak peek clip from Thursday's (March 8) episode of "Jersey Shore," J-WOWW smells a sneak. The sneak in question this time, though, isn't The Situation, but Joey -- Deena's shore hook-up.Apparently the whole gang is not taking to Joey, the first guy Deena's liked in a while. First Vinny and Pauly have a sit-down talk with her about dumping the dude. We're sure Meatball no. 2 appreciates Pauly's (who will smoosh pretty much anything wearing a mini-skirt except Deena) advice. It would seem Joey's fate is sealed, however, when he fails the fake sick call test. To explain: Joey calls for Deena and the roommates tell him she is sick. When he fails to offer to bring her "some soup and a Coke on the side" he is deemed unworthy of her Jersey Turnpiking-attention.The clip ends with a dressing down from J-WOWW, who lets Joey know she's on to his game. If...



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