New Girl Review: Skinny Dipping and Nick Miller's Sad Song

This is New Girl at its best. Uniting the characters toward one goal (in this case, get Nick to a doctor!) which, with this group, unavoidably leads to hilarity while simultaneously showcasing the pangs of twenty-something's growing pains. A perfect blend of quirky and heartfelt, "Injured" proves just how far New Girl has come from the pilot episode.

Let’s time warp back to that week that New Girl first burst into our lives with an adorkable go-get-‘em attitude. Winston didn’t even exist yet, Schmidt was not the comic force that he is today, and Nick was kind of the same, but we love him more now! Remember Jess crying all the time, singing to herself, and wanting to wear overalls on a date? She was at her most twee and ingénue; a parody of the person that most assume Deschanel is. The idea that New Girl could take on a subject like cancer was unthinkable. And that’s just how it should have been. Read More...


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