Cougar Town Recap: If It Weren’t for Those Meddling Kids

Okay, fine, I changed my mind. Something needs to happen on this show. I want something bigger than a story line about a fountain that makes Jules need to pee, or one about completely nonthreatening children biking through what is, after all, a residential neighborhood. I don’t know, I guess this episode just didn’t do it for me. It was okay. Even the brief, blink-and-you-miss-it return of Penny Can felt like a hollow victory! I want something urgent, some story to become emotionally and embarrassingly invested in. I’ll take almost anything — except for that Laurie-Travis hookup that you grossest of shippers seem to want so badly. 

The construction of a new shopping mall near the cul-de-sac has spurred a small, harmless onslaught of boys on bikes ("The Bicycle Boys," as Tom calls them) into the neighborhood. Andy promises to take care of it, dubbing himself "King of the Neighborhood," but is quickly shot down by his friends as well as anyone who’s ever seen the show before. Andy is a doll, but the only thing he is "king" of is Bobby’s heart. (Aw!) Jules, as rightful King, decides to take it upon herself to get the boys out of the neighborhood. Her first attempt — a stern talking-to while wearing a hot dress — ends poorly when the boys literally ride circles around her. Despite the fact that they are all incredibly tiny and silent, she somehow makes it out with her life. Read More...


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