Justified Recap: Throwing the Bullet

When Gary resurfaced at the end of last week's episode, you just KNEW he was going to cause Raylan (and likely Winona) no shortage of aggravation and trouble. Unfortunately for the poor SOB, he manages to do so from beyond the grave. After Quarles and Wyn drive Gary out to the currently abandoned house last occupied by Winona and Raylan, they let him out of the trunk so he can "deliver a message" to Raylan. Poor dumb Gary apparently hasn't seen enough movies, because he doesn't realize that what comes next is Quarles shooting him in the chest and leaving his corpse on the walkway. R.I.P. Gary Hawkins. I'll always regret that I only just now found out that you were Herman from Herman's Head. Of course, Gary is death isn't JUST a symbolic message. As Raylan finds out when he's called by the Lexington cops to identify the body, he ends up right at the top of any thinking-person's suspect list. Read More...



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