New Girl Recap: The One Where Nick Thinks He Has Cancer

Last night, this recapper watched New Girl with someone who’d never seen it before. Halfway through, he asked semi-seriously if it was a drama. "The one where Nick thinks he has cancer" is an unexpected premise for a show that usually serves up landlord threesomes and sexual cheese metaphors, but if last night’s episode was darker and less joke-laden than usual, it was good for some midseason character development. The relationship between Nick and Jess took a step forward, Cece revealed some inner depth, and Winston underwent a breakup with his car.

Things begin innocently enough with a football game in the park, but when Jess tackles Nick, she really hurts him. "I can taste my spine," he moans from a prone position on the ground. Apparently Jess has a power tackle, which makes sense: She’s over-the-top in everything else, so why not football? Read More...


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