Awake “The Little Guy” Review

For most of "The Little Guy," the second episode of Awake, I was worried that there would be no revelations into the cause of the condition that has split Michael Britten’s (Jasons Isaacs) life into two realities following a horrible car crash. In one world, his wife lived; in the other, his son survived. But in the last few minutes of the hour, there was an unexpected twist…but I’m not entirely sure that I’m buying it.

At its core, Awake is a cop drama with a psychological mystery that holds it all together. Michael is a detective, and in both realities he’s faced with seemingly unconnected crimes. Through his duel perspectives, he’s able to find clues in one or both cases that offer insight into the other case. It’s unbelievable to his colleagues and to the two shrinks who are each trying to convince him that the otherworld is just in his head, but is it believable to the audience? Read More... 


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