House of Lies “Ouroboros” Review

Sorry to disappoint you, but "Ouroboros" didn’t exactly provide a lot of good review fodder. We basicallyspun our wheels in the ground as we watched Marty carefully try to maneuver his way out of the mess he has made for himself. The show still attempted to hit its usual high comedic marks, but they didn’t seem to hit quite the same note this week.

The major plot of this week’s episode featured Marty doing whatever it was going to take to save his job. With Metro Capital laying down roots, a team of people from the company set up to interview the current consultants of Galweather Stern. (Czar’s note: This team included James, who is one week out of Harvard, but is somehow qualified to judge the performance of industry professionals. Whatever.) While the interviews served any real plot point, it did force the members of the Pod to discuss what makes them uniquely qualified to be a part of that consulting team. Here’s what we got from those exchanges: Read More... 


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