Luck “Episode Seven” Review

Luck is a funny thing. It comes and goes with no easily divined rhyme or reason. All of our characters onLuck have had different experiences with luck as the season has progressed. However, this week’s episode, the seventh of its season, highlighted several different turns of fortune for our particulars.

Poor Ace lost his big gamble this week. His bet that Nathan Israel could effectively handle himself in the hornet’s nest with Mike backfired when poor Nathan got beat to death on the yacht with a rather heavy glass ashtray. It was a rough end for one of my favorite bit characters on the show. Ace has been particularly flippant when working his revenge scheme on Mike. Whether its practically posing for pictures in front of an Indian casino or sending an untested Israel onto Mike’s boat, it’s clear that Ace doesn’t think much of Mike’s capacity to stop him. Unfortunately, that belief cost Nathan Israel his life. RIP, Nathan. Read More... 


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