Psych Review: Bad Juju

Paranormal activity, a new condo, quirky neighbors, Lassiter asking Shawn and Gus for help, the return of Shatner.

Indeed, our boys were in for a crazy time this week on Psych in the James Roday directed episode, "Heeeeere's Lassie!"

Nothing brings me more joy than to see Lassiter at his most eccentric, or, in this week's case, his most insane.

As much fun as it is for Tim Omundson to play crazy, it has to be more fun to watch him, especially since he is so darn good at it!

In a lot of ways it was kind of sad, knowing that all Lassiter wanted was to get a place for himself and Marlowe, then again, we wouldn't have gotten to witness Carlton's sword wielding rampage on Gus. Nothing could be more entertaining than listening to Gus scream like a girl as Lassiter attempted to dismantle that apparently oak door slash by slash. Read More...


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