'Survivor: One World': Colton is an out-of-control monster


On "Survivor: One World," some of the craziest stuff goes down we have ever seen since this show started. One World BeachThe women have caught snails and fry them up, that's a pretty good idea. The men want to use their fishing net and share the profits, but the women say no. Troyzan thinks it's because they're so emotional - periods, amirite? Take my "Survivor" opponents. Please. [ba dump ching]Reward ChallengeThe tribes are playing slingshot-coconut-bingo. They can either choose pillows, blankets and a mattress; a tarp; or donuts and coffee. The challenge starts and the women make fairly quick work out of it - the men keep launching over the top of the target. The sore loser men call it luck that the women beat them three challenges in a row. The women take the tarp as their reward. Then back at the hut, the men are talking about how they didn't have enough time...



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