'Survivor: One World's' Bill Posley: Colton's reality 'is so warped'


Bill Posley was eliminated from "Survivor: One World" in what may be the craziest episode of the show we have ever seen in 24 seasons. Colton Cumbie was the leader of the effort to oust Bill and we had to commend Bill in our interview with him for not punching Colton for what he said to Bill.I'm not even sure what to say about last night. I mean, I was mad after what I saw. I wanted to punch Colton after all the crap he was spewing last night. "Yeah. That's the general consensus there around the 'Survivor' community. He did not portray himself very well."Was he really like that? Was it editing at all? "He was like that. You know, the deal with Colton is, and I've been trying to stress this over and over, Colton's had a very sheltered life. He makes that comment about me being 'ghetto trash' and - if I'm...



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