American Idol Recap: The Ballads of Stevie and Whitney

Okay, now we’re actually seriously kind of almost getting somewhere. Tonight, the top thirteen take on the songs of Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston. (Or, more to the point, the top six women have a bare-knuckle throwdown over who gets "I Will Always Love You.") So this is good: two legends with dozens of songs that are just a little out of these kids’ comfort zones. Finally, after two months, this show is doing what this show does, and I am ready. Jammin’ on the one.

It’s American Idol’s 400th episode, which is a huge milestone because Ryan Seacrest says it is. As is now customary, the show begins with a zoom on Ryan’s terrifying, mirthless power grin. And then there are the judges: Jennifer is resplendent in what I think you would call a pantsuit. Steven Tyler has chosen pants that depict a woman from a Roy Liechtenstein painting. (Her word bubble, not visible from the front, says "Why have you placed my eye so close to this elderly man’s testicles?") Randy is wearing a topcoat with a brooch that I call "8-Bit John Oates in Drag." This is going great. Read More...


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