America's Next Top Model Promo: Attitude Adjustment

On the last episode of Top Model, the remaining 13 girls got makeovers, with very few tears to show. Normally, this challenge features ridiculous hysterics, but instead of crying about the length of their bangs, most of the cast just sucked it up and worked it out.

All, that is, except for Louise. The biggest reaction to their new look came from Team UK's "plus-size" girl that really didn't want her hair chopped off and darkened. She may have eventually took to it, getting compared to Linda Evangelista in panel, but from the looks of next week's promo, the attitude stayed long after she left the salon.

When Kelly comes to the set of the weekly challenge, this time composing an ad campaign, she clashes with Louise, which leads to the latter being chastised at panel before storming out. There have been girls that have left panel in past cycles, notably Brittani from cycle 16, but never has anyone left under circumstances like this. It's evident that Louise has a very strong look and potential coming out of her ears, but is that enough to keep from being eliminated due to her behavior? Read More...


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