'Supernatural' sneak peek: Sam's last case before the breakdown


In the last "Supernatural" episode we saw, Sam had finally lost control of his ability to stave off his Lucifer hallucinations. After letting Lucifer a little too far into his mind, he was no longer able to discern what was real and what was a figment of his imagination. In the final moments, we saw him experiencing a hellish nightmare while still awake -- all while keeping it hidden from his brother.In next week's episode, the show returns from hiatus to find Sam hanging by a thread. Like when he didn't have a soul, he's not sleeping at all, but while Dean is catching zzzzs, Sam is enduring horrific memories of his time in hell. As Jared Padalecki told us in a recent interview, with Sam's soul intact, all the symptoms of sleep deprivation catch up to him - headaches, confusion, depression, memory loss, and yes... more hallucinations. He's trying to manage those effects while...



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