Alcatraz “Clarence Montgomery” Review

Alcatraz returned this week with "Clarence Montgomery", and introduced us to a couple more Alcatrazfirsts. We had our first African-American inmate, as the titular Clarence Montgomery has returned to modern day and looks like he’s murdering pretty white girls again. However, he was also supposed to be our first genuinely innocent inmate. Has Clarence started killing in 2012? Or has he been framed again?

Even if tonight’s episode wasn’t as exciting or suspenseful as previous episodes, it was interesting in that it brought up a very major factor of the the Alcatraz experience: Race. Although it was a little bit odd that we’ve barely seen any black people in the 1960s flashbacks before tonight, it’s intriguing to imagine the dynamics of racism back in 1960. It only stands to reason that there would be a level of segregation in the cafeteria and other meeting places, but it’s just something we’ve never really considered before tonight. Even though all of the racist jabs feel somewhat neutered on network TV, it was still very effective to see Clarence walking down the B Cell and having everybody jeering at him as he passed. Very reminiscent of Shawshank Redemption. Read More... 


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