Smash “Chemistry” Review

The previews after last week’s episode of Smash led me to believe that Ivy Lynn would be spiraling into an anxiety induced drug binge this week. Ivy is my favorite character on Smash right now, so I’m happy that "Chemistry" didn’t actually take her down that drug addiction route, but part of me wonders if maybe it would have been more interesting if she did.

As a result of her ceaseless rehearsing, Ivy ended up with inflamed vocal chords right before the big workshop preview that Eileen had set up. Ivy’s doctor confirmed that it was not a serious problem and that her issues could be cleared up with either a prescription dose of steroids or a couple days vocal rest. Initially she opts for natural healing, but after Tom puts a little pressure on her, she pops a couple of pills.

I had a hard time seeing what was so awful about Ivy taking the medicine that her doctor had prescribed. I know that they mentioned her "drug sensitivity" and listed off all the potential side effects, but most pharmaceuticals have a long list of potentially terrifying side effects. Does she avoid all prescription and recreational drugs? I’d like to think that her doctor would take into account her "drug sensitivity" and prescribe something that would be lower risk for her. Read More... 


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