'Project Runway' recap: But Can You Wear a Bra with It?

Let me start out with a mostly irrelevant observation. All season, I've had the infuriating notion that Austin Scarlett reminded exactly of a British actress whose name and body of work I couldn't quite put my finger on. I had a foggy vision of an actress who often plays prissy bitch-in-pearl type characters and has the signature gesture of tilting her head, pursing her lips, and blinking passive-aggressively at people. As I was watching tonight's episode, it suddenly came to me: Keira Knightley's mom from Bend it Like Beckham! Or strong-jawed actress Juliet Stevenson. Seriously, I was so relieved to have finally made the connection that I almost cried real tears. The resemblance — physically and spiritually — is uncanny. Read More...



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