Project Runway Review: So Ugly It's Cute...Almost

The Project Runway All Stars need to create an affordable ready to wear look for real women. Unfortunately what the show considers affordable is way above my budget and whether real women can wear most of these outfits is debatable.

"Let's Get Down to Business" has designer and guest judge Nanette Lepore and her coster giving the designers advice on what their sketches will cost in the real world. 

I love that the show thinks most real women have between $300 and $500 to spend on a single outfit. Is that their definition of affordable? Perhaps compared to high fashion but the vast majority of women I know can't drop that much money on a whim. 

But moving on…it is interesting how the coster can look at a sketch and assess how much fabric and labor will be necessary to produce it. Somehow she even magically comes up with a number for Mondo's sketch which Nanette admits looks like a tin can with a string.  Read More...


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