Archer 3.11 "Skin Game" Review - Frakking Toasters

Archer drives along with its latest from season 3, or technically season 3.5 with "Skin Game," as Archer finds his long-lost love Katya resurrected as a cyborg, but their reunited bliss becomes threatened once more by Bionic Barry.  Less of a plot-driven episode than last week, "Skin Game" still mostly delivers on the laughs you'd expect from typical Archer.

I very much enjoyed last week’s Archer "Crossing Over," even though in some cases there were relatively few laughs to be had, mostly because it seemed a more contemplative episode than anything we’ve seen previously.  It was as if the series had acknowledge that most of season 3 had fallen into stand-alones that while entertaining, still felt like avoidance of numerous plot threads left by the first two seasons.  Given that "Crossing Over" took place late enough in the season to potentially catapult Archer through its final run of episodes, it seemed expected that the thread would naturally carry over into "Skin Job," before somehow winding up in space. Read More...


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