The Office Recap: Pretty Hardest

Dwight reacted to last week’s promotion to vice-president of the Sabre Store Initiative with all of the grace and humility we would expect from our favorite beet master. "You’re excited? You should feel my nipples!" In between lots of shots of white people and the hilarious clothes they play to wear golf and some prime Nellie Betram nonsense (we can only assume what the Goat of Dover could possibly be), Jim tries to congratulate Dwight and tell him he’ll miss his favorite victim when everybody else goes back to Florida. Dwight’s response is in keeping with the modesty with which he’s taken the promotion ("We haven’t always gotten along, and at times I’ve hated your guts. Bye bye"), and Jim can barely contain his sadness at the prospect of life without his friend. ("Not bittersweet … it’s sweet.") Read More...


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