'Vampire Diaries' sneak peek: Who's getting murdered?


The March 29 episode of "The Vampire Diaries" is called "A Murder of One." While we'd like to think they're just referencing one of our favorite Counting Crows songs with that title, this is "The Vampire Diaries," so... well, you know.So who will the murdered character be? We can tell you it's not Damon, Elena, or Stefan (duh). To help you out, we'll also add Caroline, Tyler, Klaus, and Kol to the safe list. Jeremy's still in Denver, so we won't be burying him any time soon, either.The episode sees the return of Finn, and we're hoping to get a little more insight into Klaus's creepy, lurky older brother. We'll also see a whole new side of the latest Mystic Falls arrival, Sage. As you can see from the photo below, the former boxer isn't so tough anymore! In case you're wondering about those Damon/Rebekah pics, no... that's not some kinky vampire sex game. We...



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