Person of Interest 1.17 'Baby Blue' Recap

If you happened to be watching CBS at all this past week then you might have seen the promo ads for this episode of Person of Interest. In those ads, there were numerous scenes of either Reese or Finch awkwardly dealing with a baby in that very broad sitcom-y sort of way—the humorous horrors of changing diapers and whatnot. The full episode that aired last night was something that was far beyond what viewers may have been expecting. What happened then that made the episode more than some two men and a baby farce?

Elias happened.

But let’s put all of the pieces in position first before we play the game. Elias’ father, Gianni Moretti, was released from prison in the first scene of the episode. He’s being targeted by his son and so Carter spends most of the episode trying to keep him safe with Reese’s assistance. Apparently, Moretti was one of the off-screen numbers from the Machine that the show sometimes deals with. Once he’s tucked away at a safe house, following a thwarted kidnapping attempt thanks to Reese and his skill of shooting first and…well just shooting first, Moretti takes a backseat to the new POI, Leila Smith. Read More...


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