Grimm 1.14 "Plumed Serpent" Review

One of Grimm's main assets has been its ability to take a familiar concept and turn it on its ear. That fresh perspective has been a harbinger of good things for the show, in that it already has a fairly distinct point-of-view, even with the inclusion of various fairytales. Most young shows take a while to get their legs about them, so Grimm being fairly secure in itself barely out of its initial 13 episode order is quite promising. Even if an episode isn't 100% crackling, just seeing how Grimm interprets the text in modern, visual form can make it worth a view.

"Plumed Serpent" did just that, by taking a fairly familiar trope/concept (the prince having to slay the dragon to save the princess) and putting a fairly interesting wrinkle in it to keep it fresh. It may have been inevitable for Grimm to pull out an episode like this, but I found its execution to be mostly strong, particularly in the latter half. A lot of that strength came from how they handled Ariel, daughter of a suspected murderer/arsonist and fire dancer at a local club. By letting the "dragon daughter" go from quivering, lonely girl looking for her daddy to a Fatal Attraction-esque femme fatale, it subverted cliche and pulled a fast one on the audience. I expected Ariel's initial story, about her lack of connection with her father, to be the truth and the show to focus on Fred;seeing her end up in Nick's bed and ultimately kidnap Juliette was the perfect tonal mixture of sinister and a little bit camp, enough to keep you on your toes while watching. And if making the daughter the actual villain wasn't enough, Grimm managed two more twists by the end of the episode, with Ariel bringing Nick to the lair in order to kill her father and faking her own suicide to get Nick and company off her trail. A fault of Grimm's early episodes was that they left too many cases without any wiggle room, eliminating the possibility of a recurring villain, but Ariel storming out of the lair in the powerful last shot could mean that we haven't seen the last of her. Read More...


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